Floor Coatings


Welcome to NeroFlor, where you will find the widest range of Floor Coating Products that ensure protection & seamless uniform levelling on Concrete / MS surfaces. The industry verticals that NeroFlor serves include epoxy self levelling toppings, solvent free polyurethanes, Epoxy – Polyurethane (EPU), Deck coatings, Anti-Static system, Chemical resistant system , Car Parking, Decorative system and other wide range of applications. NeroFlor coatings are with resistant coatings properties to chemicals, abrasion, mechanical, hard wearing, tough and extended longer service life to concrete.

NeroFlor global presence and with world class manufacturing facilities, technical expertise and niche products, innovative products to service any type of system suited to customer demands. Neroflor Products applied for to protect from mechanical damages, Chemicals spillages, concrete strengthening, microbial growth, cracks, undulation, aesthetic appeal etc…. It’s now an industry demand to protect this floor with brand suitable coating at this condition. An increasing awareness is now resulting in wider acceptance of floor coatings. We provide complete Floor coating system services meeting customer requirements and also provides ecofriendly system.

We work closely with end users, provide free technical services and we inspect the Floor and submit our recommendations suitable for Floor.


Product Categories

  1. Epoxy Concrete Primer ( NeroFlor 4000 Primer)
  2. PU Primer  ( NeroFlor PU Primer )
  3. Chemical Resistant Primer ( NeroFlor CR Primer )
  4. ESD Primer  ( NeroFlor ESD Primer)
  1. Epoxy SL Screed  ( NeroFlor Screed )
  2. PU SL Screed ( NeroFlor PU Screed )
  1. Epoxy SL Finish ( Neroklad 1000 Finish Shade )
  2. Epoxy SL Clear Finish   ( NeroFlor 1000 Clear )
  3. PU SL Finish ( NeroFlor PU Finish )
  4. EPU Finish ( NeroFlor EPU Finish )
  5. ESD Finish( NeroFlor ESD Finish )
  6. PU Coating ( NeroFlor PU Coating)
  7. CarPark ( NeroFlor CarPark)
  8. Water Based Cementetious Finish (NeroFlor PU Concrete )
  9. Wall Coating ( NeroFlor Wall Coat)
  10. Decorative Floor ( NeroFlor DF )