Automotive Paints


Kansai Nerolac offers a very comprehensive product range, with complete technical support & services that cater to the specific needs of Auto OEMs & Component Suppliers. All the products are manufactured keeping the latest global trends in mind.


Kansai Nerolac has pioneered the activity in India to remove SOCs from its automotive coatings to meet stringent environmental standards of global automotive customers.

A list of products is as under, though it’s not exhaustive as we keep on developing newer products to meet customer requirements.

Kansai Paints Co. Japan has been pioneering research in core technologies such as CED. Over the years, this technology has been continuously upgraded to meet cost, quality and environmental norms around the world.

Kansai’s latest product is currently the best-suited, though further research is on to offer breakthrough technologies in the future.

This product provides an excellent and smooth film appearance and is specially developed for the 3 Wet Coating Systems. It has been designed for uniform DFT distribution with super high throwing power to achieve minimum cost / unit with excellent performance.

This product can be used at lower deposition time (120” against normal 180”) and shorter baking (160 deg C x 10’ against normal 175 deg C x 15’) to reduce energy cost and increase productivity.

In E-Coat, the metal substrate is immersed in an aqueous bath solution & coated with a charged organic primer under the influence of an electric field.

The distinct advantages of the E-Coat are: Uniform coverage without pinholes, or other surface defects, leading to less paint consumption; Better edge protection resulting in corrosion resistance; Coating / access to recessed areas like box-sections etc. It is a single coat environment friendly water-based coating system. The E-Coat process is fully automated, leading to less manpower requirement and is cost-effective with the possibility of a higher paint recovery ratio (up to 99.5% with Ultra Filtrate & Reverse Osmosis system).


In CED, our product range consists of

  • lead-free Polybutadine-Based Anodic Electro-Deposition Primer (AED)
  • Epoxy Resin-Based Cathodic Electro-Deposition Primer (CED)
  • Acrylic Resin-Based Cathodic Electro-Deposition Primer (ACED)

The product ACED won an innovation award for being first in the world for usage of a single-coat application system for coating of motorcycle frames.

Our CED is free of heavy metals and meets the stringent environmental norms of the automotive industry

The Primer Surfacer is the second functional layer and it acts as an intermediate coat between E-coat and the topcoats. It also provides excellent stone chip protection and protection against UV rays to the E-coat film. The Intermediate Coats are available in white, light grey, dark grey, red, blue and other specific colours as required by OE manufacturers. Water borne dipping primers are also developed with an eye on safer environment.

Kansai Nerolac also manufactures special intermediate coats such as Anti Chip Primers and Non Sanding Primers and Wet on Wet Primers etc.

  • Top Coats provide colour, aesthetics and weather protection to the coating system in automotives. Kansai Nerolac manufactures a large variety of top coats based on various resin backbones designed as per specific technical specifications of customers. Containing an extensive range of coloured pigments and effect pigments, it plays a significant role in establishing the visual image. A general distinction can be drawn between a solid-colour and a metallic paint finish in this segment. Various types of Metallic & Mica finishes are available.

    New technologies in top coats such as 3 Wet Coating Systems are available which are being adopted by various automotive customers to improve productivity, reduction in costs and meeting the environmental norms.

The clear coat is the top layer in a paint system which provides resistance to sunlight and weather and also to chemicals and biological materials such as bird droppings. It helps provide a scratch resistant final coat to the coating system. Kansai Nerolac offers clear coats of various functionalities such as scratch resistance, acid & alkali resistance, UV resistance, mar resistance etc.


Kansai Nerolac manufactures various types of touch paints which are used to undertake small touch ups if the paint film is damaged. Kansai Nerolac offers a complete range of Auto Refinish product range to service requirements of body shops for repair coatings.

Kansai Nerolac manufactures specialty paints such as heat resistant paints, both for interior & exterior surfaces of motorcycle mufflers. These are made to withstand high temperature conditions up to 600°C.

Kansai Nerolac supplies Rapgard Transit Protection Films which are used for protection of automotive vehicles during transit from dust, chemicals, bird droppings and damages to the paint film. Films are available for protection of metal & plastics surfaces.